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What items is electronic universal testing machine suitable for?

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:605    Time:2021-01-26

What items is electronic universal testing machine suitable for?

Because of its special detection performance, electronic universal testing machine is widely used in rubber industry, plastic industry, paper industry, wire industry, textile industry, latex industry, packaging industry, wood industry, shoe industry and other non-metallic material property testing and mechanical hardware, building materials, auto parts and other industries.

Characteristics of testing machine:

1. Due to the use of imported servo motor, servo speed control system and ball screw, the testing machine has the advantages of stable transmission, low noise, high speed accuracy, wide speed range and long service life.

2. Synchronous display of test force, peak value, displacement, velocity, test state and test curve

3. Limit, overload automatic protection, sample fracture automatic stop

4. Stability: anti fluctuation, zero drift, power suppression ability, carrying interference ability, temperature drift, time drift, anti humidity ability.

For universal testing equipment, it covers almost all kinds of testing applications, so it is also known as "universal". Today, we will briefly introduce several applications:

Auto parts:

Rubber products of automobile, including floor rubber, rubber of electronic components, key components of rubber products (brake pipe, brake cup, brake pad, seal, etc.). )


Testing of tensile modulus of elasticity, flexural modulus of elasticity, compressive modulus, yield strength, tensile strength, breaking strength, elongation at break, compressive stress, compressive strain, shear, peel, brace, tear, penetration and other mechanical properties of various thermosetting and thermoplastic materials. Mainly engineering plastics, reinforced nylon, modified plastics, plastic profiles, plastic pipes, plastic sheets and films and other industries of material analysis and inspection.

Construction steel:

Steel bar (steel plate), steel pipe, cast iron pipe, steel connection joint, weld and deposited metal, aluminum alloy type, carbon structural steel, elongation test, yield strength of low carbon steel hot rolled round bar, elongation steel wire for prestressed concrete, elongation steel strand for prestressed concrete, and elongation steel bar welding under maximum force.

In addition, there are some special test items: elastic coefficient, share limit, elastic limit, elastic deformation, permanent deformation, yield point, yield strength, K value of tension spring, useful elasticity and hysteresis loss, etc. According to the different fixtures, the test items are not the same, a multi-purpose, truly universal material inspection.