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Jinjian testing machine participated in

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:593    Time:2021-01-26

On June 16, 2017, the conference of Hebei Province to implement the strategy of strengthening quality province and standardization was held in Shijiazhuang. Zhi Shuping, director of AQSIQ, attended the meeting and put forward hope for the quality development of Hebei. Zhao Kezhi, Secretary of the Hebei provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, gave instructions to the meeting. Xu Qin, governor of Hebei Province, made plans to comprehensively improve the quality of Hebei's economic development. Yin Yali, assistant governor of Hebei Province, presided over the meeting, and Zhu Haowen, Secretary General of Hebei provincial government, attended the meeting.

Zhi Shuping required that we should carry out quality research around the main industries and key industries in Hebei, improve quality standards, implement standard upgrading projects, and organize and carry out quality improvement actions. We should strengthen all-round supervision from all fronts and links, and strengthen the quality supervision of products, services, engineering and other fields, so as to ensure that the comprehensive quality supervision is in place. We should make full use of measurement, standards, conformity assessment, production licensing, energy consumption evaluation and other means to resolve excess capacity with quality and standards, so as to better promote "three elimination, one reduction and one compensation". It is necessary to consolidate the quality foundation for the coordinated development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei and the construction of xiong'an new area, give priority to the planning and construction of world-class quality and technology infrastructure, promote the co construction and sharing of quality and technology infrastructure and mutual recognition of inspection and testing results, realize the beautiful blue map of economically strong province with high standards and high quality, and help the national strategy and the millennium plan.

In his instructions, Zhao Kezhi stressed that party committees, governments and departments and units at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech, fully implement the major decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, adhere to the new development concept and lead the development, adhere to the structural reform of supply side as the main line, firmly establish the strong sense of quality first, and seize the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. We should vigorously implement the strategy of strengthening the province with quality and standardization, carry forward the "craftsman spirit", improve the quality standards, cultivate more "century old stores", create more "Hebei brands", promote the development of the economy in the direction of higher quality, more efficiency, more fairness and more sustainable, and strive to find a new way to accelerate transformation, green development and leapfrog upgrading.

Xu Qin stressed that quality is the foundation of development and the key to strengthening the province. We should have a deep understanding of the great significance of implementing the strategy of strengthening the province with quality and standardization, focus on improving efficiency in the process of improving quality, speed up the transformation in the process of pursuing quality, and build Hebei into a province with strong quality as soon as possible. We should strive to promote the sustainable development of Hebei's economy and society with quality, benefit, firmly establish and practice the concept of big quality and big standard, and strive to promote the integration and improvement of standards, quality, brand and reputation. We should promote the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the province with quality and standardization, improve the pattern of multi governance, innovate and optimize the system and mechanism, strengthen policy support and guarantee, and strive to create a strong atmosphere.

The meeting reported the results of quality work assessment of Hebei municipal government in 2016, and commended the winning units and individuals of Hebei provincial government quality award in 2016, as well as enterprises with outstanding standardization innovation and famous brand products of Hebei Province. Before the meeting, Zhi Shuping and Xu Qin met with the winners and individuals of Hebei provincial government quality award. Zhi Shuping asked the award-winning units and individuals to continue to carry forward the glorious tradition, be a good model in quality improvement activities, and be a good model in quality and safety supervision.

According to the white paper "quality situation of Hebei Province in 2016", the quality and standardization construction of Hebei Province has made remarkable achievements, but there are still some problems such as weak quality competitiveness. The relevant departments of Hebei Province specially invited two experts to write articles to explain the key points of promoting quality and standards.

The level of standardization reflects the strength of a country's industrial core competitiveness and comprehensive strength. The modernization process of major developed countries has already reflected the close interweaving of standardization and industrialization incisively and vividly, so that up to now, a few developed industrial countries still hold the voice of most technical institutions of major international standardization organizations, and take advantage of this to strengthen the control of international trade and market, and obtain significant monopoly advantages.

Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chengde Jinjian company) and other 16 enterprises have won the award of "outstanding enterprise of standardization innovation in Hebei Province", which is also the only enterprise in Chengde area to win this award. Chengde Jinjian company strives to be more courageous on the road of international standardization and to broaden the road of international standardization of private enterprises in Hebei Province. We should not only create the international standards for private enterprises in Hebei Province, but also take the lead in the work of private enterprises in Hebei Province.