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In 2017, the visit of Yashi of Jinjian company ended successfully

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:607    Time:2021-01-26

Chinaplas International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition has been developing for nearly 30 years with the growth of China's plastics and rubber industry. It has become the largest rubber and Plastics Exhibition in Asia and has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's rubber and plastics industry. At present, Chinaplas is not only the largest plastics and Rubber Exhibition in Asia, but also the second largest exhibition in the world.

140000 + people from 150 countries and regions (25% of overseas visitors). In the exhibition area of 250000 + square meters, more than 3300 exhibitors exhibited 3800 + sets of machinery and testing equipment.

Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been invited to participate in Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic Exhibition for more than ten years. In this Yashi exhibition, Jinjian testing machine sent more than 20 enterprise representatives and more than 30 brand equipment products, striving to show China's strength, reflect made in China and show China's quality in Chinaplas International Rubber and plastic exhibition 2017!

The instruments of Jinjian testing machine are as follows:

Pipes and pipes: hydrostatic pipe testing machine (including high MPa), ring stiffness testing machine 20 tons, RCP pipe rapid crack growth resistance testing machine, pipe system applicability testing machine, pipe light transmittance tester, etc.

Engineering Plastics: universal tensile testing machine, melt flow rate meter, electronic tensile testing machine, pendulum impact testing machine (composite, simply supported beam, cantilever beam), thermal deformation Vicat softening point temperature tester, etc.

As well as the detailed information of the inspection well series and other testing machines.

During the exhibition, according to detailed statistics, more than 500 representatives from domestic and foreign enterprises were exchanged and received, with millions of potential customers and more than 600000 contracts signed on site. Jinjian testing machine tries its best to provide the best consulting service of testing instruments for domestic and foreign pipe and raw material enterprises.