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Jjfst plastic valve testing machine -- Jinjian brand testing machine

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:598    Time:2021-01-26

Product introduction

Jjfst plastic valve testing machine can realize multiple functions in one machine, and one testing machine can complete multiple test functions, including fatigue strength test of thermoplastic valve, sealing test of valve seat and seal, operating torque test, etc,

It is mainly used to measure the fatigue strength of thermoplastic valves (plastic ball valve, butterfly valve, etc.)

Meet the standard

GB / t27726-2011 pressure test methods and requirements for thermoplastic valves

GB / t28494-2012 thermoplastic stop valve

GB / t27725-2011 thermoplastic butterfly valve

Iso8659:1999 test method for fatigue strength of thermoplastic valves, iso8233:1988 test method for torque of thermoplastic valves

GB / T 15558.3-2008 buried polyethylene (PE) pipeline system for gas, and GB / T 10002.3 rigid vinyl chloride (PVC-U) valve for water supply

Product features

1. One machine has many functions, one main machine can realize fatigue strength test, sealing test and operating torque test of valve seat and seal;

2. The man-machine interface is designed with touch screen, and the interface is marked with icons and numbers, which makes the view simple and clear, and the operation intuitive and convenient;

3. Multi language interface provides friendly input and display interface, supports Chinese, English, French and other languages, and can meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions;

4. Using brand servo drive control, through the connection of high-precision torque sensor and torque limiter, the control accuracy of torque is ensured, and the performance of torque sensor is improved

service life;

5. The water tank and water parts are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel corrosion-resistant material, and the welding points are treated with corrosion-resistant process;

6. The hydraulic system adopts imported centrifugal pump, the pressure and flow are stable, and the pressure control adopts PID control to adjust automatically, with high degree of automation;

7. The whole machine adopts one-piece design, which is very convenient for transportation, debugging and placement, which also greatly saves the laboratory space;

8. With a number of automatic security protection and test abnormal alarm, high security