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Jinjian testing machine: mix of good and bad in the industry, choose materials carefully

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:579    Time:2022-04-22

2017 is coming quietly. In the past 2016, the material testing machine industry has developed rapidly and vigorously, but at the same time, it is also accompanied by doubts from customers from all walks of life. With the development of the industry and the continuous entry of small and medium-sized enterprises, they are willing to get a share in this broad market. In this case, a variety of low-quality processing, copying equipment and instruments continue to emerge, this mixed situation, not only makes the development of the material testing machine industry become rugged, but also makes domestic and foreign users hesitant to choose testing machines of various brands and enterprises. Careful purchasing and careful investigation are essential.

How should we look at the current situation?

As the saying goes, "don't look at the advertisement, look at the curative effect", this is not unreasonable. Therefore, in the choice of material testing machine, we should pay more attention to the quality of equipment and instruments? Is the detection accuracy higher? Is the operation of the instrument justified? Is the after-sales service perfect? " Wait, wait, wait.

For example, a customer once had such a feedback that he was in an unknown small enterprise, in other words, maybe a workshop enterprise. I bought a melt flow rate meter at a discount price of about 2000 yuan below the market price and paid the full price. After two months, I still didn't deliver the goods. After all kinds of urging, I received the equipment about four months after the payment and opened the box for inspection. It was obvious that there were traces of renovation, but I tried to use it reluctantly. After half a year, all kinds of problems began to appear, and the after-sales service of the supply enterprise was even more disappointing Sorry. Because of the busy after-sales service staff, it has been put off till now. Later, the customer had to give up the maintenance and use of the equipment and choose new equipment in the market.

Such experiences as those of the above customers are not a few in the current material testing machine market.


To sum up, the general problems are as follows:

A. Product quality problems, shoddy, or replace the label as the manufacturer's product (fundamental)

B. After sales service can't keep up, no guidance, no maintenance, etc. (reputation)

C. Deviation between pre-sale product introduction and arrival equipment (integrity)

At present, only in our Chengde area, there are more than 30 material testing machine related enterprises, or even more. Whether it is the level of technology or business operation time, product qualification are not the same. Even some enterprises completely copy the equipment of "Jinjian testing machine" as the model to produce. Even though it has reached a certain level in appearance, there is still a long way to go in terms of instrument detection performance, detection accuracy, detection result accuracy and operation intelligence. Unfortunately, we can't put an end to the existence of such enterprises. Therefore, when purchasing, please polish your eyes and choose the best cost-effective equipment.



So, what should our customers do when they purchase?

A. More detailed investigation, as far as possible on-the-spot investigation of the strength, scale and regional influence of manufacturers.

B. Make use of the same industry, ask and consult more friends in the industry, will understand the level of manufacturers.

C. It is the first label of standard products to ask for authentic and authoritative certification qualification of products.