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Twenty three years of wind and rain have made Jinjian a success

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:629    Time:2021-01-26

Young eagles have strong wings to fly for themselves; seeds have leafy trees for themselves; flowers have graceful bodies for themselves; Jin Jian has success for himself.

Twenty three years have passed. Inadvertently, Jinjian company has gone through 23 years. In these 23 years, Jinjian people have been constantly through practice and learning, withstood many tests, had flowers and applause, accepted criticism and criticism. In this new era of rapid development, they have been persistent and indomitable, and have been in the forefront of many competitors in the professional field.

Crown reputation "North Jinjian, South XX", unshakable position in the industry

In 1994, Jinjian company was founded in Chengde, a beautiful summer resort. Adhering to the enterprise tenet of "science and technology as the pioneer of enterprise; innovation as the cornerstone of development; enterprise and market synchronization; management in line with the world", Jinjian company has been widely recognized and praised by all walks of life. In the hearts of Chengde people, we have established a good brand image and become a testing machine enterprise based in North China and radiating the whole country. After more than 20 years of development, the product has developed from a single testing instrument for plastic doors and windows to the physical property testing equipment for all polymer products in the field of plastic profiles, pipes, engineering plastics, medical industry, automobile industry, aerospace, textile and civilian products, with more than 40 product series and more than 100 specifications and models. It is a provincial-level high-tech enterprise and a famous trademark enterprise in the testing machine industry of Hebei Province.

Jinjian company is an early testing machine company adopting ERP (company resource planning) digital management system. It introduced the system in 2005 to realize the information sharing of production, supply, sales and after-sales, and the "visual" monitoring of orders in financial collection, production, allocation, storage management, logistics and delivery. It improves the work efficiency, reduces the enterprise operating costs, and provides customers with better products and services.

In 2010, CRM customer relationship management system was introduced again. The system takes "customer value" as the center, information technology as the means, to improve customer satisfaction and enterprise productivity as the purpose, and can be integrated with ERP system. The perfect combination of enterprise production management and automatic marketing helps us to achieve the ultimate in basic sales and service, greatly enhancing customer satisfaction .

In addition, the company also introduced easy Flow (workflow) system, and independently developed MES (Manufacturing Execution System), KPI (personnel and performance appraisal system), SOP (job responsibilities and standard operation), KBS (Kanban management system), PLM (product life cycle system) and other systems, truly realizing the production and operation of finance, sales, technology, production, supply, quality, after-sales service, personal performance of employees The digital management of Cheng has formed a scientific, standardized, accurate and timely enterprise management system, which paves a highway for the development of enterprises.

Jin Jianren: don't talk about the reasons why it can't be achieved, just talk about the methods that can be achieved

"Dreams still have to be there. If they come true", everyone cherishes dreams when they are young, but most of them are returned to life in the end. Daily work is the biggest honing of dreams. In this city, in this studio area, many people do repetitive work every day, and many feel bored and tired. However, it is only in such a simple and repetitive way In work, more and more bright dreams are worth realizing.

The power of dreams is often amazing, and now, the reason why Jinjian's achievements are amazing to outsiders is that it relies on the unremitting efforts of the company's employees to strive for dreams. Looking back on the past 23 years, we Jin Jianren are full of passion, writing our passionate youth with deep feeling and sweat, and throwing our persistence and efforts on our ordinary posts. During the 23 spring, summer, autumn and winter, we witnessed the vigorous growth of Jinjian.

We are proud of what we have achieved. Looking forward to the future, we feel that we have a long way to go. The achievements of the past 23 years have laid a good foundation for our future development. In the coming decades, we should be more aware of the situation and tasks faced by Jinjian company, carry on the cause and open up the future, meet the challenges, and continue to forge ahead. There is still a lot of work behind, what tomorrow is, what tomorrow is, we have no way to know, also have no way to grasp, but as long as can repay me as the company, the company for my goal, we can create a more brilliant tomorrow! More brilliant Jinjian!

Jin Jianren has been in the same boat for 23 years, we are no longer fragile, leaving only strength; we are no longer confused, our eyes are full of resolute eyes; our dream is no longer far away, but to start to fly higher and farther!

On July 18, 2017, I wish Jinjian company a happy 23rd birthday!