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With the recurrence of gas explosion accident, gas pipeline detection becomes more and more important

Source:Chengde Jinjian Testing Instrument Co., Ltd    Views:585    Time:2021-01-26

According to Xinhua News Agency: "at about 14:45 on July 4, 2017, the gas leakage occurred during the construction of Huaxing Road in Ningjiang district, Songyuan City, Jilin Province. The gas company exploded during the rush repair, affecting the medical staff and patients in the nearby hospitals. According to the Songyuan municipal government, as of 6:00 on the 5th, 5 people were killed in the accident, 89 people were hospitalized and 14 of them were seriously injured.

After the accident, the main leaders of Jilin provincial Party committee and government rushed to the scene to guide the rescue. Songyuan municipal Party committee and government urgently mobilized fire, health, public security, public utilities, gas and other departments to carry out emergency rescue to prevent secondary accidents and spare no effort to rescue the injured. The specific cause of the accident is under further investigation. At present, the follow-up treatment and rescue work is progressing in an orderly manner. " Not long ago, at about 10:00 on July 2, 2017, the sunny sand section of the natural gas pipeline collapsed and sideslipped due to the recent continuous heavy rainfall, which caused the gas pipeline to collapse and cause leakage and explosion. Eight people were found dead and 35 injured. Many such tragic accidents make natural gas safety put forward again. According to incomplete statistics, in the first half of 2017, there were 389 gas explosion accidents in China, resulting in more than 500 injuries and 58 deaths.

The explosion of gas pipeline is not only caused by human operation error or external factors, but also the adverse effect of PE PE physical properties test not up to standard. In the social environment where the government pays attention to people's livelihood and people's safety, we can't deal with the application of such dangerous goods vaguely. We must be strict with the standards and choose carefully!

The performance test standards of gas pipeline are as follows:

Density -- GB / T 1033-1986 -- density balance

Melt flow rate -- GB / T 3682-2000 -- melt flow rate meter

Oxidation induction time -- GB / T 17391-1998 -- differential scanning calorimeter

Moisture content -- ASTM d4019-1994a -- moisture meter

Carbon black content -- GB / T 13021-1991 -- carbon black content analyzer

Carbon black dispersion -- GB / T 18251-2000 -- carbon black dispersion tester

Volatile content -- GB / T 12010.4-89 -- electric blast box

Hydrostatic testing -- GB / T 6111-2003 -- pipe hydrostatic testing machine

Elongation at break -- GB / T 8804.3 -- universal testing machine

Longitudinal retraction rate -- GB / T 6671-2001 -- electric blast box

Resistance to slow crack growth - GB / T 18476-2001 - plastic pipe milling machine

Rapid crack propagation resistance - ISO 13478:1997 / GB / T 19280-2003 - rapid crack propagation resistance test for RCP pipes

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