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Thermal Cycling Tester
JJTCT-S Thermal Cycling Tester
This instrument is a temperature change test unit for the comprehensive performance test platform of thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings, which is suitable for testing the temperature change performance of the piping system after the stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings are assembled according to the requirements of the standard. The piping system is subjected to a certain internal pressure, and the cold and hot temperatures are alternately changed within a specified time. After completing the specified number of tests, check whether there is leakage, falling off and deformation in the connecting parts of the pipes and fittings. This test is a long-term stability test. The test of a group of piping system samples requires 2,500 cycles of hot and cold water, and each cycle of cold and hot water is 30 minutes (15 minutes for cold water and 15 minutes for hot water). Therefore, the test must ensure long-term stability. Reliable operation and stable performance. The instrument is mainly composed of cold water exchange execution module, hot water exchange execution module, sample room, industrial chiller, etc. The instrument has beautiful appearance, modular structure, advanced technology, stable performance and easy operation.


GB/T 33926,GB/T 19993,GB/T 19228.1

JJTCT-S Thermal Cycling Tester

This instrument is a temperature change test unit for the comprehensive performance testing platform of thin-walled stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings.

1.Structural design of semi-pressure system

    Frequency conversion pressurization technology applies pressure only at the sample end. The cold and hot water medium tank and front-port pipeline are under normal pressure, which has both safety and long-term stability.

2.Intelligent control of cold and heat exchange

    According to the temperature change at the inlet and outlet of the sample. Intelligent control valve opening and orderly exchange. There is no water pouring in the cold and hot water tank;

    According to the temperature change, the pressure can be controlled intelligently without pressure impact.

3.Energy saving

    Low energy-saving and high-efficiency heat preservation materials;

    Exclusively designed noise treatment device. Reduce the noise caused by high-speed water scouring the pipeline;

    Created a good laboratory working environment;

    Industrial refrigerator + plate staggered stack heat exchanger, refrigeration energy-saving and efficient.

4.High security and reliability

    Special high temperature and high pressure stainless steel pump body, corrosion resistance and long service life;

    High pressure, fatigue resistant large diameter pneumatic actuator, with long-term stability;

    Equipped with liquid level detection, button emergency stop switch and remote rope pulling emergency stop switch;

    Fully open, transparent folding protective door, equipped with door opening detection switch, taking into account the safety and convenience of operation.

5.Friendly human-computer interaction

    Support multi station independent setting and synchronous test;

    It has a variety of curve display functions for easy viewing;

    Full color touch screen control, support U disk massive data storage;

    Prompt function: the cold and hot water tanks are short of water, the sample is broken, the protective door of the sample room is not closed, etc.


Standard name

GB/T 19228.1
GB/T 19228.2
GB/T 33926

CJ/T 151
CJ/T 152


JJTCT-S Thermal Cycling Tester

Technical parameter

Technical Parameter

Number of test stations: 

3 / 6

Temperature range 

(hot water): 

RT to 93

Pressure range: 


Temperature displa



Pressure control accuracy:


Temperature indication error:


Maximum measured cross-

sectional area: 


Temperature Uniformity:



Hot and cold water 

alternation time: 


Main power:

380VAC  50Hz  40kW

Number of cycles: 

Selectable 1 - 100000
Industrial refrigerator power:
380VAC  50Hz  18kW

Temperature range 

(cold water): 

20℃ to RT (RT > 20℃

Water replenishment


Intelligent automatic water replenishment