JJHTM-S Withstand voltage Tester
The instrument is a pressure test bench unit of the comprehensive performance test platform for thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings.


GB/T 33926,GB/T 19228.2,GB/T 19228.1

JJHTM-S Withstand Voltage Tester

    The instrument is a pressure test bench unit of the comprehensive performance test platform for thin-walled stainless steel pipe fittings.

JJHTS-S Hydraulic Pressure Tester (host)

    The instrument is the core of the hydraulic test control of the comprehensive performance test platform for thin-walled stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings. It can be used for multiple hydraulic performance test units, multiple hydraulic pressure test units, multiple hydraulic vibration test units, and multiple bending angles Test units, multiple hydraulic torsion test units, multiple maximum expansion and contraction test units, multiple deflection angle test units, and multiple vibration strain test units provide test pressure.

JJHTM-S Withstand Voltage Tester

1. High security

    Protective transparent explosion-proof glass + stainless steel inner net double protective structure box cover design, which not only ensures safety, but also facilitates observation.

    Set up a test water recovery device, saving water and environmental protection; using gas spring support, adding a safety protection device for the falling of the box cover, taking into account both convenience and safety.

2. Efficient and convenient operation

    Fully open structure, barrier-free operation.

    Fully transparent design, easy to observe.

    Multi-station design, support synchronous test, high test efficiency.

3. Unique sample rack structure

    The V-shaped roll frame is designed to facilitate the installation of the sample and to observe the state of the sample in all directions.

    Applicable to various specifications of samples, fast and efficient installation.

JJHTS-S Hydrostatic Pressure Tester Host

1. Excellent pressure control performance

    The original three-stage pressure control structure of booster stage + buffer stage + precise control stage enables fast boosting and stable constant pressure.

    Exclusive pressure controller, high-speed pressure data collection and precise control.

    Special high-frequency solenoid valve, unique control structure and special sealing material, excellent control performance and durable.

    Adaptive pressure control technology, strong applicability.

2. Stable, reliable, accurate and credible

    The first measurement and control double-loop structure can accurately measure the pressure at the sample end.

    Select international famous brand pressure sensor, high-precision sampling.

    The valve-guided solenoid valve has a modular design, and the instrument has long-term stability.

3. Powerful software functions

    Test management and measurement and control are highly integrated.           

    Based on the test task management mechanism.

    Based on the concept of networked laboratory management.        

    Support customizable test process.

    Support multi-sample group report mode.

4. Efficient and easy to use

    Touch design, guided operation, simple training, you can quickly start the test.

    The progress bar, status color, the use of icons, and the test operation are more intuitive and efficient.

    The whole process of boost curve, real-time curve, long-term curve and data can be traced and monitored.

    The test report can be customized to generate and export in multiple formats.


Standard name

GB/T 19228.1
                                                 GB/T 19228.2
GB/T 6111

                                                 GB/T 33926
CJ/T 151

                                                 CJ/T 152

JJHTM-S Withstand Voltage Tester

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Working pressure:
Numbers of test stations:

Applicable scope of pipe 


DN12 - DN300

JJHTS-S Hydraulic Pressure Tester (host)

Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Working pressure:
(0.2 - 4 )MPa
Pressure fluctuation:
-1% - 2%
Pressure resolution:
Timer working time:
0 - 10000h

Timing error:


Applicable scope of pipe


DN12 - DN300

Numbers of test stations:
3 (1~20 stations are configured according to user needs)
Test medium: