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Melt Flow Indexer
MFI-2322 Melt Flow Indexer
This instrument is used to test the engineering plastics such as polyethylene, polysulfone, fluoroplastics and nylon with high melting temperature, as well as plastics with low melting temperature such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene ABS resin and polyformaldehyde resin.


GB/T 3682.2,GB/T 3682.1,ASTM D 1238,ISO 1133-1,ISO 1133-2


Melt flow rate meter

This instrument is used to measure the melt flow rate of various polymers in viscous flow state. It is not only applicable to engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, polysulfone and fluoroplastics with high melting temperature, but also applicable to plastics with low melting temperature such as polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, ABS resin and polyformaldehyde

1. The temperature control system of the tester has fast heating speed, high constant temperature accuracy, short temperature recovery time after filling, and can quickly return to constant temperature within 2min; Temperature control is stable and reliable.

2. The system automatically identifies the effective test range of national standard, ISO standard and American Standard.

3. The control software can realize the functions of parameter setting, constant temperature control, cutting, metering calibration, automatic weight loading, timing, MVR result display, etc.

4. When using MVR, the MVR value of the sample at the specified time can be measured. After weighing the sample, the system automatically obtains the MFR value, which can be compared with the test results of MFR.

5. The system has the function of test parameter storage, and can store 8 groups of test parameters.

6. The measured results can be automatically transformed into each other, with the function of melt density test, and equipped with automatic weight loading device.

GB/T 3682.1-2018
GB/T 3682.2-2018
JB/T 5456-2016
ASTM D 1238-10


Technical Parameter

Technical Parameter

Test methods:
Display mode:
Full color touch screen
Loading method:
Electric loading
Measuring range:
(0.1100)g/10min  (1150)cm³/10min

Temperature control range:

(50 - 450)

Temperature display



Timing accuracy:

Displacement accuracy: